Floor Standing Led Screen

Solsystems provides a wide range of outdoor full color LED Screens suitable for a programmed or instant broadcast of your photos and videos.

Our screens are made of first quality LED lamps that ensure brightness and optimal color rendering even in full sun. In the manufacturing of our outdoor screens, we use P4 and P6 SMD Led pitch.

We have developed features applied to the restrictions of energy sobriety including total extinction of the screens and restart, management of forced brightness or via a brightness sensor.


The SMD Led screen is the most advanced technology. Its advantages: good contrast and better definition.

Our Led structures are made from powder-coated aluminium profiles in the RAL range. High rigidity and durability over time. Structure guaranteed 10 years.
QUALICOAT paint certification

We comply with national and international technical and environmental standards. We also perform wind resistance calculations, systematic pre-installation in our factory, testing and quality control.

EMC, ROHS and CE standards in force

Broadcast interactive messages by integrating your photos and videos. Remotely manage and control your LED screen with an online software.

Manage your screen remotely on the internet thanks to our LED DISPLAY software.

ALL INCLUSIVE: weather, news, RSS feeds, traffic, horoscope, more than 100 templates of creation masks, calendar planning and centralized management.

Formats and examples of installations

  •  8m² Floor Standing Led screen
  • 5m² Floor standing portrait Led Screen
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