One billboard to diplay up to six messages


Long term Display

Ideal for your long-term messages, the Trivision panel is equipped with a high-quality system which has been developed and designed by Solsystems.

This solution is immediate, reliable, silent and without any maintenance.  The electronic card which is provided with our trivision billboards runs the exposure and duration of the posters as well as the lighting ramp. The structure requires no additional device. Our Trivision structure is manufactured with galvanized steel which can be thermolacquered. It comes with an anti-scratch design.

These panels are very economical and used for long-term messages.
Moreover, we have created a system of prisms which allows to display your messages really easily.

A 10 year warranty is provided on our Trivision structure


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Foot structure


from 4 to 12m²

from 4 to 12m²

from 4 to 12m²

  • La peinture dans la gamme RAL

  • Les éclairages

  • Les silent-blocs pour les panneaux muraux

  • Des horloges

  • Les structures (pour porter les panneaux)

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