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Brand-new range of Led Screen


Solsystems has extended its products to a wide range of Led Screen designed to suit various projects. Thanks to this high definition technology, you can promote interactively your business using text, photos, animated files and videos


The LED DISPLAY software provided with our led products allows you to create remotely and easily your playlists. Wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection, you can set your playlists and monitor your led screen displays.

All included : weather forecast, news, RSS, traffic…as well as various content templates ready to use.

Plan : organize your messages throughout the week and choose the viewing time. You can plan your playlists in advance.

Control : set up your account and choose between different levels of access. This sofware is also designed for monitoring one to several led screens. You will be able to display your playlists on one or various led screens at the same time. This option allows you to manage your led screen(s) really easily.

Share : you can divide your led screen window in different areas which allows you to display different information within the same window. Example: you can display the weather forecast and a video at the same time.

Various File formats available : text, jpeg, png, pdf, flash, animated gif, web page, vidéo (all formats).


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Led P5.33

Led P6.67

Led P8

Led P10

Led mural


tous formats

tous formats

tous formats

tous formats

tous formats

SAAS mode

  • La peinture dans la gamme RAL

  • Les structures (pour porter les panneaux)

  • Modem 3G

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