About us

Your French advertising Billboard Manufacturer


Know How

Located in the South-West of France, Solsystems manufacturates indoor and outdoor advertising billboards since 1993. Our team is able to study,develop and design custom-made projects.


Wide range of indoor and outdoor billboards

We conceive and achieve your ideas and projects to fit perfectly into your location. Solsystems has also launched, few years ago, its digital media department which manufacturates LED and LCD technologies.

Solsystems fulfills your requests in almost all fields of indoor and outdoor communication.

We provide our experience in the area of TRIVISION billboards, SCROLLING panels and LED advertising displays.

We have developped a wide range of mupi signs, bus shelters and digital information panels. These billboards are often used by the public sector, city councils and other local authorities,

Thanks to our strong experience, we have been able to design and develop various types of panels such as totems, triedres and other custom-made signs


Various services

Virtual photo and video integration of your billboard into your location – Design of your project –  3D plan design – Spare parts sales – Installation of your billboard – Maintenance and warranty – After sales service (phone, email, online maintenance)